VS H50-40NDP

Double-skinned cabinet with electronic control panel, rack 500×500 mm, four wash fields with four arms each and two side wash arms.



• Double-skinned and counter-balanced insulated hood.
• Inclined hood ceiling to avoid water on cleaned and rinsed crockery.
• Press-moulded wash tank with radial corners, inclined to filters.
• Easy-clean-dual-filter system.
• Four stainless-steel wash and four stainless-steel rinse arms, independent and rotary.
• Peristaltic rinse aid auto-dosing unit, adjustable from control panel.
• External drain system with manual closing and opening.
• Twice the capacity of a single passthrough: it washes two baskets at the same time or a basket in case of lower workload.
• INTELLIWASH system reduces running costs.• Stand-by system for energy saving.
• HY-NRG rinse function with break tank, pressure booster pump and insulated atmospheric boiler keeps the set temperature and quantity of water used in for rinse at constant levels.
• Auto-start hood.
• Electronic control panel with high-resolution colour TFT 45x60mm screen for easy use of the machine.
• Four purpose-designed washing cycles for various types of crockery to be washed.
• Two menu levels: an operator and a technical menu, protected by a pin code (after-sales service).
• Counter of daily and total number of cycles.
• Customizable with straight-through or corner tabling and shelves.


1 inlet hose
1 drain hose
1 transparent rinse aid hose
2 universal racks
4 dish racks (18 s.)
4 cutlery racks


• Peristaltic detergent injector (D) identified by a red hose.
• Integrated drain pump (S).
• Water softener (A).
• Steam condenser and heat recovery system (V).
• Wi-Fi connection (W) to send text message for feasible anomalies or informative message on the machine status.


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